3 questions to Georg Shimon, Key Account Manager at Seven Senders

April 25, 2023
3 questions to Georg Shimon, Key Account Manager at Seven Senders

Meet Georg Shimon, one of our talented Key Account Managers at Seven Senders! Georg is an essential part of our team, dedicated to providing exceptional service and support to our valued customers.

In an exclusive interview, Georg shares insights into his role, including how he helps our clients navigate challenges and improve their experience. With his expertise and passion for customer success, Georg is an integral part of our mission to provide top-notch logistics services to e-commerce businesses across Europe.

Describe your job as a Key Account Manager at Seven Senders

As a Key Account Manager, my main task is to ensure my clients are satisfied with our product and services while also working to grow the business and maintain long-term relationships. My primary responsibility is to nurture relationships with my clients, focusing on building trust and loyalty in Seven Senders through exceptional customer service. My role requires me to stay updated with industry trends and changes and develop a deep understanding of my client’s needs and goals.

Furthermore, I’m responsible for negotiating contracts, ensuring they align with the company’s goals and objectives, and developing strategies to grow the business with my clients. Therefore, identifying opportunities for growth and potential risks that may impact the business relations between the customer and Seven Senders is essential to my job.

“At Seven Senders, we can provide faster solutions to our customers and tailor them to their needs."

What challenges do you face in your job?

There are several challenges I currently see. One of the most significant ones is the uncertainties in the market. This could lead to disruptions in supply chains and changes in the customer’s demands. Therefore, we need to remain agile and capable of adjusting our collaboration to align with the evolving business strategies of our clients.

Another critical challenge is the increasing complexity of logistics operations, which can make it challenging to manage key accounts effectively. My task is to ensure we can develop innovative solutions to address logistical challenges, such as implementing new technologies or adjusting strategies.

In addition, the logistics industry is becoming increasingly competitive, which means that you may face challenges in retaining your key accounts and winning new business. This requires exceptional customer service, building strong client relationships, and staying ahead of the competition through innovation and creativity.

What sets Seven Senders apart from other companies in the industry? 

Most of our industry’s companies have already existed for a long time. The processes in those companies are often very bureaucratic, with a rigid hierarchy and structure to the detail, which results in a lack of agility. As the industry is constantly changing and developing, the way of working at Seven Senders is flexible and quicker in terms of adaptation to the needs of the market.

Therefore, we live the entrepreneurial culture in our company and can provide faster solutions to the customers and tailor a solution to their needs. As a young company, Seven Senders is not afraid to take risks and implement innovations, which leads to breakthroughs and excellent results in products and services, all as a one-stop solution. 

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