3 questions to Raik Lehr, Senior Supply Chain Analyst at Seven Senders

June 27, 2023
3 questions to Raik Lehr, Senior Supply Chain Analyst at Seven Senders

Meet Raik Ingo Lehr, Senior Supply Chain Analyst at Seven Senders! As a key stakeholder in designing and maintaining the First Mile Standard Transports, Raik's expertise lies in optimizing the Network, ensuring smooth cross-border transports for customers.  

In this interview, Raik explains that his responsibilities encompass various tasks. From creating new routes during the onboarding process of new customers to adjusting the Network for holidays and special events like Black Friday, his role is crucial in providing efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions. Monitoring costs is a vital aspect of his work, ensuring the financial performance of the transports remains optimal.

Please describe your job as a Senior Supply Chain Analyst at Seven Senders

My Senior Supply Chain Analyst role at Seven Senders revolves around designing and maintaining the First Mile Standard Transports, which we call the Network. This encompasses all the recurring transports from the customer cross-border to the last mile carrier. One specific measure is creating new routes within the Go-Live-Process whenever we onboard a new customer. If a customer changes their warehouses, we must apply a network change accordingly. Furthermore, we handle adjustments to the Network for holidays and special dates like Black Friday. Lastly, a significant aspect of my role is the constant monitoring of costs, ensuring that we maintain a keen eye on the financial performance of our transports. 

What is the thing you love most about your role? 

When it comes to my role, two things instantly come to mind as my personal favorites. Firstly, I love the incredible variety of tasks and content that I encounter daily. Each transport we plan presents different requirements and challenges. Sometimes, the customer’s needs are specific; other times, it’s about our desires to consolidate and optimize routes. 

Secondly, I cherish most the collaborative nature of my work and the opportunity to work closely with my colleagues on these exciting challenges. The atmosphere within the team is truly exceptional. 

“We foster an environment where everyone's ideas valued, and there is a strong camaraderie."

How does Seven Senders prioritize workplace diversity, equity and inclusion?

At Seven Senders, we have a powerful statement from our founders that emphasizes the importance of creating a workplace that values diversity and ensures everyone feels included.

What makes me even more proud is witnessing the active steps we take to implement this commitment. For instance, we have established a Proud@SevenSenders Peer Group, which promotes LGBTQIA+ topics and initiatives. It’s an inclusive space where individuals can share their experiences, educate others, and celebrate diversity in all its forms.

We want to foster an environment where open dialogue encourages us to learn from one another’s experiences and perspectives. Doing so creates a safe and empowering environment where all individuals can be authentic.

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