3 questions to Anna Doherty – Junior QA Engineer

October 2, 2020
3 questions to Anna Doherty – Junior QA Engineer

As a QA Engineer at Seven Senders, Anna is responsible for the testing of new features and functionality of the software of our Seven Senders Platform. Always with one goal: ensuring that our products maintain a high quality standard to make customers happy.

Read our short interview to get an overview of Anna’s daily work and her part in fulfilling the company goals:

How does a normal day at Seven Senders look like?

In general, as we work in agile teams, a normal working day will begin with a standup meeting. In this meeting we are aligning on our current progress of our To-Do’s. I will then work on testing new feature developments/improvements, verifying any new software release and maintaining test documentation. The good thing about my job: I work closely with Product Managers and Developers, as well as my fellow QA teammates to continuously improve our testing approach.

"I support Seven Senders in ensuring the quality of our delivery services with extensive testing so that we can offer our customers the best possible international shipping."

Anna Doherty, Junior-QS-Engineer

What challenges do you face in your job and how do you master them?

I am always trying to put myself into the shoes of our customers while testing. I have to imagine how he or she will think and then plan and execute my tests accordingly to cover these scenarios. With an ever-growing customer base, this continues to challenge me in new ways. I believe collaboration and constantly scrutinising and adapting our processes are key to mastering challenges. The pace is fast, but it keeps my role interesting.Lorsque je réalise des tests, j’essaie toujours de me mettre à la place de nos clients. Je dois me représenter leur manière de penser pour ensuite planifier et réaliser mes tests en conséquence afin de couvrir ces scénarios. Notre clientèle en constante augmentation représente pour moi un défi qui évolue continuellement. Je crois que la collaboration ainsi que la remise en question et l’adaptation permanentes de nos processus sont les clés pour relever ces défis. Le rythme de travail est soutenu, mais c’est justement ce qui rend mon travail si intéressant.

What is your personal part in fulfilling the company goals?

At Seven Senders we pursue one goal: To optimize cross-border shipping for our customers. I see my personal part, that I help to deliver high quality products with features which are always growing to meet the needs of the evolving industry and the expectations of our customers. Using modern technologies, we are creating solutions which help our customers succeed and grow their businesses. 

What I really like about working at Seven Senders is that there is a supportive and open culture and people are always happy to answer any questions I have. Additionally, getting to work with a great team of intelligent and motivated people is the highlight for me.

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