3 questions to Mareike Heininger, Team Lead Integration and Sales Support at Seven Senders

March 28, 2024
3 questions to Mareike Heininger, Team Lead Integration and Sales Support at Seven Senders

Meet Mareike Heininger, Team Lead of the Integration and Sales Support teams at Seven Senders! In her role, Mareike is responsible for connecting and empowering both her teams to optimize customer experience and achieve excellence.

In this interview, she provides valuable insights into her role and the growth opportunities she has found while working at Seven Senders. Mareike also shares some profound advice for someone with the intention to start in her team.

Please describe your job as Integration and Sales Support Team Lead at Seven Senders!

As the Team Lead for Integration and Sales Support at Seven Senders, my primary focus is ensuring our customers have a smooth and top-notch experience. My responsibility is to ensure our processes are stable, adaptable, and scalable.

In integration, this involves setting up our onboarding in a straightforward way for our clients to technically implement and seamlessly fit into their daily operations. For sales support, we aim to expedite contract processing, ensure accurate invoicing, and provide a CRM system that effectively supports our sales processes.

As a team lead for two separate teams, my ongoing task is to refine our workflows and empower my team to drive innovations and achieve excellence. This not only enhances our efficiency but also increases customer satisfaction by offering them the simplest and most professional experience with our services.

What advice would you give to someone starting in your team? 

Starting in our team at Seven Senders offers a thrilling opportunity to dive into a dynamic and evolving environment. My advice? Embrace the pace and be ready to adapt. The landscape here shifts rapidly, presenting fresh daily challenges and opportunities to innovate. The ability to be flexible and responsive will ensure growth and contribute significantly to the development of new processes and improvements within our operations. The potential to adapt and thrive in this environment is highly valued.

But adapting to this ever-changing setting is not just about navigating challenges; it's about enjoying the journey. Our team's camaraderie and collective spirit make the experience enjoyable and rewarding. Stepping into this role means making direct contributions to our success and driving tangible improvements with innovative ideas. Bringing enthusiasm, innovative thinking, and a willingness to learn and grow alongside us will ensure that we achieve our goals.

“The camaraderie and collective spirit of our team make the experience of working at Seven Senders enjoyable and rewarding."

What opportunities for growth and development have you found during your work at Seven Senders?

Stepping into the vibrant world of Seven Senders has been a journey of remarkable growth and opportunity. Coming from a larger corporation, I quickly adapted to the fast-paced environment, welcoming the challenge of new products, which means constantly evolving processes. Within six months, I expanded my role, now leading both the Integration and Sales Support teams. This dual position has accelerated my professional development, enhancing my ability to connect diverse areas within the company and deepening my holistic understanding of our operations. Seven Senders has become a catalyst for my growth, offering a unique blend of challenge and opportunity that has empowered me to thrive. 

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