3 questions to Julian Meichsner, Senior Business Development Manager at Seven Senders

May 30, 2023
3 questions to Julian Meichsner, Senior Business Development Manager at Seven Senders

Meet Julian Meichsner, Senior Business Development Manager at Seven Senders! He is a fundamental team member, committed to delivering exceptional service and unwavering support to our esteemed customers.

In this exclusive interview, Julian grants us exclusive insights into his role, showcasing how he skillfully guides our clients through challenges and enhances their overall experience. With a profound passion for customer success and a wealth of expertise, Julian plays a pivotal role in our mission to provide top-tier logistics services to e-commerce businesses across Europe. Get to know Julian, the perfect combination of dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to creating remarkable results for our clients.

Please describe your job as a Business Development Manager at Seven Senders

As a Senior Business Development Manager, I am responsible for driving business growth in the field of customs. I develop new growth strategies and plans to expedite our customs solution. We at Seven Senders are eager to innovate and develop the most robust solutions for our customers.

Furthermore, I work closely with our Sales team to create attractive customer proposals in pricing and the offered customs solution.

“We are always eager to innovate and develop the strongest solutions for our customers. "

What current and exciting projects are you working on? 

At Seven Senders, our commitment to progress and innovation knows no bounds. We constantly push the boundaries to advance our solutions and elevate our product offerings to new heights. This unwavering dedication to improvement extends to every aspect of our operations, including the critical area of customs.

As a Senior Business Development Manager, I have the privilege of spearheading multiple projects to enhance and refine our customs solution. These initiatives are driven by a collective desire to provide our customers with an unparalleled customs clearance experience for their cross-border shipments.

To achieve this, I actively engage with diverse customers, working closely with them to understand their unique customs requirements and challenges. By establishing solid lines of communication and forging collaborative partnerships, we can develop tailored solutions that address their specific needs.

The process of building these solutions is not only intellectually stimulating but also deeply rewarding. It brings me great joy to leverage my expertise and collaborate with our talented team to create innovative and effective customs solutions. Witnessing these solutions' positive impact on our customers' operations is gratifying.

Can you share a memorable experience or event that you participated in during your time at Seven Senders? 

One particularly memorable experience at Seven Senders is the annual Seven Senders Green Month. This initiative reflects our company's commitment to environmental sustainability and our vision for a greener future. During this month-long event, we unite as a team to actively contribute to reforestation by planting trees.

But here's the twist: we don't just plant trees; we "earn" the possibility to plant them through engaging in various sporting activities. This unique approach promotes physical well-being and a healthy lifestyle among our team members. It allows us to make a tangible impact on the environment.

Participating in the Seven Senders Green Month has proven to be more than just a noble cause—it fosters camaraderie and strengthens our team's bonds. Together, we strive towards a common goal, working side by side to achieve a shared mission of environmental responsibility.

This initiative holds a special place in my heart. It aligns perfectly with my values and aspirations, allowing me to contribute actively to a cause I deeply care about.

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