Checklist: How to provide the best shipping experience for customers

March 2, 2020
Checklist: How to provide the best shipping experience for customers

A checklist for your successful international shipping

The e-commerce market in Europe is forecast to reach 163 billion euros in 2020. As consumers increasingly order from international online shops, the delivery of parcels is becoming an increasing challenge. Online shops and brand manufacturers take high financial risks if the customer is disappointed with the delivery. In this context, a checklist offers practical instructions to perfect international shipping and the optimal customer experience.

Consumers are increasingly ordering international products online. However, the way in which they have the products delivered varies from country to country. For example, a French woman likes to pick up her parcel at the parcel station, while many Italians pay by cash-on-delivery.

Other countries, other shipping requirements

Web shops, retailers and brand manufacturers are increasingly faced with the challenge of offering their online customers optimal service – especially on an international level. For cross-border shipping, online shops have to work with carriers that meet the different requirements of the customers.

In addition, Tracking & Tracing solutions enable parcels to be tracked and customers to be kept up-to-date. Since consumers also return products ordered online, this process must be transparent for them. Companies must be able to resolve any return claims quickly. Ultimately, a negative customer experience can mean that an online customer never returns to the online shop.

Does your company offer your customers an optimal delivery experience when ordering online? In order to meet these requirements and successfully master every market entry, we have compiled a checklist of the most important steps for you. Deliver like the pros and don’t forget any important step for successful international shipping with this checklist.

Download the checklist here!

Result of the checklist

7 - 10 points checked

The delivery experience for online orders is optimal for your customers. Your company can adapt international orders very flexibly to local requirements. You probably work with an international online delivery platform.

4-6 points checked

The customer experience with deliveries of online orders by your company is on the right track, but some important aspects are still missing. A thorough analysis of all steps of the delivery process and the possibilities of an international online delivery platform are necessary.

0-3 points checked

Many of your customers are probably disappointed with the delivery experience with online orders. It looks like you won’t be able to withstand the tough competition in the international e-commerce sector. Working with an international online platform can turn the tide.

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