Mission Zero: achieving the 1.5-degree Paris objective

November 23, 2021
Mission Zero: achieving the 1.5-degree Paris objective

On the way to zero: Seven Senders facilitates climate-neutral shipments of goods and commits to climate neutrality in support of the resolutions of the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Seven Senders uses the Paris Climate Agreement as an incentive to become more sustainable as a company, make cross-border shipping greener, and help e-commerce retailers become greener to slow the threat of global warming. Some have called the 1.5-degree target an impossible undertaking, a mission impossible. We take a more optimistic approach with our Mission Zero. We believe climate neutrality is possible, and we see our approach as a voluntary commitment and a vision for everyone. We don’t just want to achieve our climate neutrality, but we hope our actions inspire other players in the logistics industry to participate in their own green initiatives.

We don’t just want to achieve our climate neutrality, but we hope our actions inspire other players in the logistics industry to participate in their own green initiatives.

What is our Mission Zero?

With our Mission Zero, our goal is to reduce our ecological footprint until we reach zero impact. These are not empty promises but a commitment to actually deliver - and not just products ordered online. There's no question that shipping goods cross-border impacts the climate. But there are viable options for those in the logistics industry to reduce our carbon footprint and offset carbon emissions. To make that happen, we at Seven Senders first aim to be retroactively carbon-neutral from 2020 on our balance sheets. All emissions generated by our company will be offset for the exact amount of CO2 we internally produced via investment in certified climate protection projects.

Sustainability in the office and on the road

In addition, all greenhouse gas emissions created internally by Seven Senders are to be halved by 2023. First, we will collect insights into the data on CO2 emissions in cooperation with DEKRA and other partners and then define strategies to minimize them. Employees are also encouraged to participate in our Mission Zero. For example, they can work in a home office to reduce travel. And environmentally friendly alternatives are also being used in terms of energy.

Furthermore, when it comes to our carrier network, Seven Senders makes sure to work with delivery partners who focus on greener logistics, for example, utilizing electric fleets. Within our own logistics systems, we use smart algorithms to combine shipments and avoid empty delivery runs. We also actively seek to increase successful delivery rates by partnering with carriers who offer pick-up points that prevent unnecessary journeys.

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Mission Zero Timeline

  • It all started at the beginning of 2021 when Seven Senders first announced that it would be largely emission-free by 2030 and offer climate-neutral logistics.
  • In spring 2021, "7SGreen" was launched, our climate-neutral shipping product.
  • In October 2021, Seven Senders calculated the company's carbon footprint based on the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.
  • As of January 2022, Seven Senders aims to be carbon neutral.
  • By 2030, Seven Senders wants to be as emission-free as possible, along with all its products.

Carbon-neutral shipping with 7SGreen

Since this spring, Seven Senders has offered carbon-neutral shipping with our 7SGreen product. For three cents per shipment, shippers can proactively engage in environmental protection and offset the transport-related CO2 emissions from shipments by supporting certified climate protection projects. The DEKRA-certified calculation of CO2 emissions per parcel enables precise offsetting, and annual certificates provide an overview of the emissions saved.

It is not always the big sustainability programs of governments but the many small steps that bring us closer to the 1.5 degrees of the Paris Climate Agreement. When it comes to green logistics and sustainable thinking, we can all get involved and deliver!

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