Standard integrations: Seven Senders connects to your systems

May 30, 2024
Standard integrations: Seven Senders connects to your systems

Most e-commerce shippers rely on various tools to efficiently manage their business operations and facilitate omnichannel services. However, establishing and maintaining integrations can be time-consuming and expensive, particularly for businesses aiming to scale.

Given the perpetual shortage of IT resources, Seven Senders’ standard integrations offer a solution by seamlessly connecting to shippers’ systems as a service provider, eliminating the need for any additional IT efforts.

We talked to Julian Wuertz, Team Lead Product Management, to learn more about Seven Senders' standard integrations.

Julian, can you please explain what standard integrations are and why they are important for software systems?

Standard integrations are pre-built connections between different software systems that facilitate seamless data flow and communication. They are important as they streamline processes, reduce integration efforts, ensure consistency in data transfer, and enhance overall efficiency.

What kind of systems can Seven Senders standard integrations connect to?

Seven Senders can connect to various systems used by e-commerce shippers, such as ERP, WMS, or shop systems. Currently, we work with several integration partners to serve a wide range of customers who ship cross-border to multiple European countries. For example, we have standard integrations with Xentral, PIXI/Descartes, JTL, and Finecom.

How are these integrations different from shippers connecting to our API themselves?

So, one way that shippers can gain access to the physical shipping and delivery services of Seven Senders is by taking charge of the integration themselves by connecting their systems to our single API. With this option, the shipper is responsible for setting up the data communication.

Now, we have an additional service where shippers can choose to let us connect to their systems. With this option, essentially, no effort or additional capacity from the shipper's IT or tech teams is needed.

In both scenarios, once the connection to our delivery platform is established, shippers can gain access to our extensive carrier network, including generating labels for each European last-mile carrier. They can also take advantage of our other delivery services, such as customs clearance or integrating our PUDO Locator into their shop’s checkout.

JulianWuertz_headshot“In essence, our ability to connect to a range of e-commerce shop, ERP, and warehouse systems is a great opportunity for any cross-border shipper who wants to benefit from our logistics expertise and ultimately optimize their delivery costs and lead times.”

How long does it take for Seven Senders to connect to most systems?

Well, it is hard to give a concrete answer as each project can vary in scope. But in general, the goal is to achieve the connection as fast as possible. The key is to understand the customer's processes and make sure that the integration covers them. That said, I’ve seen cases where only two weeks had passed since the contract was signed with us, and the first shipment was delivered to the target country. So we are also very capable of working quickly!

What are the benefits of our standard integrations for e-commerce retailers?

I'd say the first big benefit is that we can enable shippers to establish a premium logistics solution without much effort. E-commerce businesses often face limited IT resources, but with us taking over the connection, we simplify what could potentially be a complicated IT project into a relatively quick and easy process.

Second, our standard integrations enable shippers of all sizes to streamline their logistics workflows, working with as few tools and partners as necessary. Once we connect to a shipper’s systems, they have access to our one-stop delivery platform. We offer a truly holistic logistics solution–physical shipping and SaaS services–that even includes our handling of customs clearance to the UK and Switzerland.

Want to know more? Visit our dedicated integrations webpage, or contact us directly to find out how we can connect to your systems.

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