3 questions to Anna Difliff, Team Lead Logistics Partners at Seven Senders

May 6, 2020
3 questions to Anna Difliff, Team Lead Logistics Partners at Seven Senders

Have you always wanted to know what everyday working life as Team Lead Logistics Partners at Seven Senders looks like?

We interviewed Anna Difliff about her working day as Team Lead Logistics Partners. Find out what makes being part of Seven Senders special.
Describe what you do at Seven Senders!

As Team Lead Logistics Partners, I am responsible, together with my multinational team, for negotiating framework agreements with our European parcel service providers. The aim is to negotiate the best parcel rates for our customers, not only in terms of price, but also in terms of quality. During negotiations, we pay close attention to the quality of service, coverage and operational flexibility of the partner networks. This enables us to recommend to our customers, the partners that best match both their own and their end customers’ expectations. Each team member has one or more country focuses, so we are constantly specialising through market analysis and research and adding new, innovative partners to our last-mile carrier portfolio. My main focus is the Benelux region, and as team lead I also support France and England.

What are currently the biggest challenges?

In the current exceptional situation, we need to find exceptional solutions quickly so that our customers can continue to send their parcels to recipients throughout Europe. Since online orders are now rising rapidly after an initial slump in demand, all sorting networks are working at the limit of their capacity. In addition, there have been many absences of delivery and sorting staff due to sick leave, resulting in delays in shipping throughout Europe. Especially in this challenging situation, we are relying on our long-standing partners in the European parcel business and are developing alternative shipping solutions with them. We benefit from the fact that we have several partners with existing contracts in each country and that multi-carrier solutions are also no problem.


 „At Seven Senders, I particularly appreciate the variety of work tasks and the great responsibility you are given after only a short time.“
Anna Difliff, Team Lead Logistics Partners at Seven Senders 
What fascinates you most about your work at Seven Senders?

At Seven Senders I particularly appreciate the diverse work tasks and the great responsibility that you are given within a short time. The company is growing very fast, so there are always new tasks and challenges. The number of colleagues is also growing rapidly – despite everything, there is a good sense of cohesion here, and the hierarchies are flat, so internal coordination is easy.

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