3 questions to Alexander von Eitzen, Team Lead Integration at Seven Senders

April 30, 2024
3 questions to Alexander von Eitzen, Team Lead Integration at Seven Senders

Meet Alexander von Eitzen, Team Lead of the Integration team at Seven Senders! In his role, Alexander ensures smooth customer onboarding and manages technical issues while maintaining balanced knowledge across the team. His role involves project management tasks, providing technical expertise, and facilitating stakeholder communication.

In this interview, Alexander provides valuable insights into his role and highlights how Seven Senders approaches the benefits of successful teamwork. He also explains how his role and team help Seven Senders reach long-term goals.

Please describe your job as Integration Team Lead at Seven Senders!

As the Team Lead of the Integration team, I am responsible for ensuring a smooth and quick onboarding process for new customers who decide to start shipping with us. Our project scope includes any changes or adaptations with existing lanes and customers, whether it is an entirely new country or an additional carrier within an existing market.

Within my team, we do typical project management tasks while having technical expertise, as we are the primary contact for our customers for any technical questions. This technical expertise includes the design of the data flow through the different systems, such as the configuration of systems and troubleshooting in case something is not working as expected.

As a Team Lead, it is important for me to maintain a widespread and balanced knowledge of the various integration scenarios among all team members. New products especially require solid training and communication exchange with all stakeholders involved, to introduce new processes and structures.

How does Seven Senders approach teamwork and collaboration across departments? 

Teamwork and collaboration are key elements of our daily work. Especially within the integration team, we are faced with a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. Therefore, one of our main tasks is to keep a constant communication flow between the different stakeholders and maintain a collaborative environment. This communication flow is achieved through a continuous review and adoption of exchange processes across departments. With the multitude of services and customer projects, an aligned and sound communication structure is business-critical. Frequently held workshops, trainings, and detailed documentation enable all stakeholders to contribute to the company goals in a joint effort to pull into the same direction.

“With the multitude of services and customer projects, an aligned and sound communication structure is business-critical."

What are some of the company’s long-term goals, and how do you see yourself contributing to them in your current role?

Seven Senders wants to continue to grow, being the leading cross-border delivery platform for shipping in Europe. To do so, our customers need to be enabled to make use of our service in a way that supports their business in the best way possible. This requires a high-quality and well-designed integration through solid data exchange interfaces and bulletproof processes meeting the demands of a competitive e-commerce market. 
These overarching goals are the baseline for my work. Together with my team, I am directly contributing to these goals, setting the basis for every customer's journey, working with Seven Senders, and serving their customers across Europe. 

Thank you for your time, dear Alexander!

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