3 questions to Merel Leushuis, Head of Marketing at Seven Senders

October 25, 2023
3 questions to Merel Leushuis, Head of Marketing at Seven Senders

Meet Merel Leushuis, committed Head of Marketing at Seven Senders! In her role, Merel is responsible for generating interest and being top-of-mind in all Seven Senders markets.

In this interview, Merel explains what it means to be Head of Marketing and what is unique about working in the Marketing department at Seven Senders. Merel also shares opportunities that she values and cherishes at Seven Senders.

Please describe your job as Head of Marketing at Seven Senders!

As the Head of Marketing, I am responsible for generating interest through international marketing for all Seven Senders markets, such as setting up the GTM strategy in our new markets and executing all account-based marketing activities in already established European markets. For new markets, it is particularly important to position Seven Senders as the leading brand for international parcel shipping and being top-of-mind. In contrast, it's important for established markets to design, plan, and roll out relevant marketing campaigns adjusted to local trends and market needs. 

As a leader, my role requires me to provide the best strategic, professional, and personal support to our market representatives, leading Seven Senders to its success.

What opportunities are there at Seven Senders that you value and cherish?

At Seven Senders, you will find an extraordinarily transparent work environment that values open communication, with opportunities to allow you to grow professionally in your career as well.

I started working at Seven Senders as a Senior Campaign Manager and was promoted within six months to Teamlead International Marketing. Because of the trust that my manager had in me and the incredible support of my colleagues, I have always experienced great and safe collaboration towards one another, always making sure that it's a team effort that brings Seven Senders success in marketing and not so much individually.

“Trust from my manager and support from my colleagues foster strong teamwork, ensuring our collaborative efforts drive Seven Senders' marketing success."

What is unique about working in the Marketing department at Seven Senders?

Our marketing team consists of savvy and hard-working professionals who all have their expertise and who contribute by joining our forces. Besides the regular team events where we like to enjoy a fun evening out, the team thrives in their responsibility towards our marketing success and each other, both professionally and personally. From communications & PR and content marketing to our international field marketers, we always work towards a results-driven outcome with great attention to customer needs and creativity. 

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