3 questions to Carmen Grieger, Team Lead Transport Management at Seven Senders

May 22, 2024
3 questions to Carmen Grieger, Team Lead Transport Management at Seven Senders

Meet Carmen Grieger, Team Lead of the Transport Management Team at Seven Senders! In her role, Carmen supports her team personally and professionally through meetings and office conversations and representing them effectively to stakeholders. She prioritizes her team's needs while ensuring adherence to processes, streamlining workflows, and acting as an external escalation point.

In the following interview, Carmen discusses her journey to logistics and provides valuable insights into her role at Seven Senders. She also shares her experience as a female leader and emphasizes the importance of knowledge, solution-oriented thinking, and respectful cooperation in meetings.

Please describe your job as Team Lead Transport Management at Seven Senders!

My most important task is to support my team with personal and professional issues. Through team meetings, 1:1 meetings, daily standups, and spontaneous conversations in the office, I have to be able to pick up important information and process and analyze it quickly. This enables me to represent my team in meetings with internal and external stakeholders and back them up. The challenge is usually to determine the priorities. In my six years at Seven Senders, I have established a rule for myself. My team comes first, followed by content-related issues that must be resolved in the present or future. In the last place are past issues where an analysis can solve the problem for the future. Logistics is about much more than that. But in my area of responsibility, it's about complying with on-time transportation.

I am also responsible for process compliance and optimization. I am an external escalation level for the team and for bringing issues from outside into the team. As described above, conversations with colleagues help me outline the issues in my team, but many data-based systems also give me good insight into the quality and quantity of our transports.

What inspired you to pursue a career in logistics, and what keeps you motivated in this field?

I didn't know whether I wanted to study or do a social year or an apprenticeship until shortly before leaving school. My parents supported me during this time so that I could find my own path and took me to lots of different information events. At some point, I knew that I wanted to go to the university. After analyzing my strengths and weaknesses, I decided to study logistics at the TH Wildau. During my studies, I discovered my enthusiasm for transportation.

After my bachelor's degree, I started working in various areas of logistics and have never regretted it. During this time, the field of logistics has grown so much and become so diverse and innovative. Logistics does not mean that a company has to have a warehouse. Logistics is so much more and will never stop evolving, which is why my motivation to work in logistics continues.

“Logistics goes beyond just having a warehouse; it’s a dynamic field that continuously evolves. The constant growth and innovation are what keep me motivated to work in this field.”

As a female leader, what strategies do you implement to ensure your voice is heard and respected in meetings and decision-making processes?

Luckily I haven't had any bad or disadvantaged experiences as a woman in management in logistics. I have the attitude that if you don't differentiate between male and female colleagues, then you won't question every decision made by a superior. In the meetings I attend, what counts is knowledge, solution-oriented thinking, and respectful cooperation with other colleagues. It's also important that everyone is allowed to give their honest opinion with reasoning. My advice is: try not to pretend and don't always look for the easiest way out, then people will automatically listen to you and respect your ideas.

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