Flaconi profits from attractive deliveries & optimized logistics

July 10, 2019
Flaconi profits from attractive deliveries & optimized logistics

Seven Senders helps leading beauty online retailer stand out from the competition.

There is something in the air, a very special fragrance: cosmetics and body care products form the core of the business model of the successful Berlin e-retailer Flaconi.

With more than 670 international brands and 43,000 products in the fields of perfume, care, make-up, hair care, natural cosmetics and the premium segment, the company knows how to meet the demands of domestic consumers in a targeted manner. In order to continue to grow in a competitive market environment, Flaconi relies on our expertise and the Seven Senders platform in international shipping and carrier management.

The delivery expertise and carrier network of Seven Senders enable the company to respond even better to customer requirements and set its own standards based on cost-efficient processes, explains Mathias Trilk, Head of Operations at Flaconi: “When we planned to expand our international business in 2015, we were looking for a partner who, on the one hand, was familiar with international logistics processes, who enabled us to achieve a high degree of transparency and, on the other hand, offered the best price-performance options."

Since its foundation in 2011, Flaconi’s customer approach and customer experience have played a central role in its corporate philosophy. This includes in particular the reliable and fast delivery of the ordered goods, smooth logistics processes as well as a top customer service also for the dispatch to customers abroad.

Ideal starting and testing conditions in new markets

The carrier network of SEVEN SENDERS  enables retailers to use the most suitable shipping service provider in the respective country and optimise delivery times and costs. A particularly interesting feature for Flaconi is that this service is available from a minimum of 25 parcels per pick-up, which means that new markets can be tested without any problems with initially smaller delivery quantities.

In any case, initial experience has whetted the appetite for more: in future, Flaconi plans to supply not only Austria but also customers in other European countries with an online affinity.

Reliable tracking improves customer loyalty

In particular, the high level of data transparency that can be achieved with our Seven Senders Portal has become indispensable for Flaconi in its day-to-day business, comments Trilk:

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“We can now easily, clearly and quickly compare different carriers according to the same criteria. Before, we had to rely on the reports of others; now we have the reins in our own hands.”

Mathias Trilk – Head of Operations at Flaconi


Fast delivery and flexible options for the last mile

And because speed is the key in online trading, the cost and process efficiency advantages of our service pay off for Flaconi: From pick-up to delivery to the customer abroad, the retailer saves a full day compared to large standard mail order companies. Customers in Austria receive the same service across national borders as customers in Germany –  the ordered hair care or the latest summer fragrance are delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

In addition, Flaconi’s customers are free to choose their logistics partner and delivery method –  a clear advantage in terms of customer experience, says Trilk: “For many customers today, flexible access to their parcel is more important than delivery at their own doorstep.”

Exquisite fragrance on the subject of customer experience

The conclusion Flaconi draws from its previous cooperation with SEVEN SENDERS is extremely positive. The online retailer is in a position to convince its customers with excellent logistics processes and outstanding delivery quality and to strengthen customer loyalty.

Mathias Trilk explains:

“We have grown on the same wavelength over the past few years, speak the same language and quickly find a common solution.”


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