Grow lucratively with the key delivery figures - at a glance

April 1, 2021
Grow lucratively with the key delivery figures - at a glance

You would like to expand with your company and conquer new markets?

Growing internationally within Europe can bring many new challenges. Different countries have different delivery standards due to many carriers. Customers have different habits when it comes to the delivery of their goods. This requires a good understanding of the delivery preferences of the customers in the respective target country. 

To provide an overview of the different delivery preferences, we have compiled delivery key figures from some of the most important and lucrative European export markets, such as France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain and also the Benelux market, and prepared them for you here.

7S-Infographics-EN-1 (1)delivery_attempt_parceldelivery_attempt_during_the_weeksame_day_delivery7S-Infographics-EN-5 (1)time_of_deliveryplace_of_deliveryreturns_of_parcels


Due to the different habits in each country, it is difficult to keep up with local providers. In order to still send across borders and offer your customers a service like the local market leaders, a broad carrier network with many providers is recommended. With the carrier network of Seven Senders you have access to over 100 carriers who know the habits of your European customers. This way you can provide your customers with the best possible shipping experience and increase customer satisfaction.  

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