Interview: How tracking technologies enhance the delivery experience

March 6, 2024
Interview: How tracking technologies enhance the delivery experience

In this interview, our Head of Product talks about how advanced tracking technologies for last-mile deliveries benefit retailers and customers and what the future of delivery might look like.

Head of Product, Antonia Estrella, explains how the latest tracking software offers a range of benefits that improve the customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and provide valuable data and insights for parcel delivery companies, ultimately contributing to their success in a competitive market. 

Antonia, as Head of Product at Seven Senders, you're in charge of developing innovative tracking, monitoring, and parcel handling tech. Can you tell us more about the tracking tech at Seven Senders?

Antonia Estrella: At Seven Senders, we have built a scalable distributed system that fulfills logistic needs on many levels. First, our platform can track all shipments from pickup to delivery using multiple sources. Additionally, the system collects and harmonizes tracking data from the carriers in the countries of delivery that are part of our network. This data is stored in our data warehouse for further use and analysis. The data we collect provides valuable insights about delivery times and success rates depending on multiple factors such as region, weight, or package dimensions, thus enabling us to enrich our international transportation network with cost and time-optimized routes.

What are the key benefits of using the latest tracking software for parcel delivery?   

Antonia Estrella: Shipping companies and online shops can significantly benefit from implementing the latest tracking solution, such as the one we provide with Seven Senders, as it offers a range of key benefits:

Operational Efficiency: Tracking software optimizes route planning and resource allocation, leading to reduced fuel consumption, lower operational costs, and improved overall efficiency. It helps companies make data-driven decisions to streamline their processes.

Proactive Issue Resolution: The software can identify potential issues during delivery, such as delays or deviations from the route. The tracking solution enables parcel delivery companies to address problems promptly, preventing them from escalating and leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Data-Driven Insights: Tracking software generates valuable data and insights that can help companies make informed decisions about their operations, customer preferences, and areas for improvement.

Reduced Manual Intervention: With automation and real-time monitoring, there is less need for manual intervention, which saves time and labor costs for parcel delivery companies.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Parcel tracking allows end customers to monitor the progress of their shipments, providing them with transparency and control over their deliveries. This not only reduces anxiety but also fosters trust and customer satisfaction, leaving e-commerce companies that offer tracking solutions with a competitive advantage.

How easy is it for retailers to invest in tracking solutions? 

Antonia Estrella: Large companies like Amazon, Nike, or Zalando have the financial resources and scale to invest heavily in advanced tracking solutions. They can develop proprietary systems and explore cutting-edge technologies, ensuring a seamless, end-to-end customer experience. Other companies often face budget and resource limitations, making investing in custom tracking solutions challenging.

We understand that simplicity and effectiveness are paramount. Our Single API is designed to minimize disruption to a retailer's existing operations, making the integration process smooth and efficient. With a range of customizable services, we can tailor our solution to our customer's specific needs, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with their business goals. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing expert guidance every step of the way, from onboarding to post-implementation support, ensuring a hassle-free experience. By partnering with Seven Senders, our customers gain access to cutting-edge tracking technology and a trusted partner committed to their success.

What do online shops need to implement the Seven Senders tracking solution?  

Antonia Estrella: Our customers send us their order and shipment data, which we refine and connect with our network of carriers, along with additional data sets. This allows us to offer our customers enterprise-level analytics, allowing them to track their entire supply chain performance comprehensively or focus on specific orders. This streamlined process creates new opportunities for operation teams, particularly those currently relying on labor-intensive methods like Excel and non-modular datasets.

Looking ahead, what do you think will be the key developments in parcel tracking technology and software over the next few years? 

Antonia Estrella: Looking ahead, the future of parcel tracking technology and software holds exciting possibilities. We anticipate several key technological developments shaping the industry in the coming years. First and foremost, advancements in IoT (Internet of Things) and sensor technologies are poised to provide even more granular and real-time tracking data, allowing for precise location monitoring, temperature control, and condition tracking of parcels. 

Furthermore, integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning will enable more accurate delivery time predictions, route optimization, and automated issue resolution, contributing to a seamless and efficient delivery experience. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) may find applications in providing customers with immersive, interactive tracking experiences. Blockchain technology may be pivotal in enhancing security and transparency in tracking systems.

In summary, the future of parcel tracking promises increased precision, automation, and customer engagement, further revolutionizing the logistics and e-commerce landscape.

Thank you for your time, Antonia!

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