Parcel delivery Spain: choosing the right last mile carrier

April 24, 2024
Parcel delivery Spain: choosing the right last mile carrier

Spain is a thriving hub for e-commerce. With rising online shopping demands, having the right carrier network in place is vital for cross-border shipping success. In this blog, we'll explore Spain's top last mile carriers and their features and services to help you decide who your best parcel delivery partners would be.

How does the parcel delivery system in Spain compare to other countries?

Spain's parcel delivery system is known for its efficiency and reliability compared to many other countries. With a focus on improving last mile delivery services, Spain has seen advancements in delivery speed, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, making it a worthwhile market for e-commerce shippers looking to expand their cross-border business.

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How to find the best parcel delivery partner for e-commerce success in the Spanish market

Several factors must be considered when establishing your carrier strategy for your Spanish customers. For starters, it is essential to evaluate whether carriers can provide services that align with your customers' delivery preferences. In addition, you must weigh factors such as pricing, delivery speed, coverage areas, and the types of goods you typically ship.

According to a 2022 study, Spanish online consumers prioritize free shipping over express or home delivery. In addition, 30% would rather collect their order at a PUDO (pick-up/drop-off) location if this saves money. In general, shipping costs are important to Spanish customers, with 54% stating they would abandon their online shopping carts if delivery costs were too high. Additionally, if your business deals with a high volume of returns, selecting a carrier that offers affordable and convenient returns should be a priority.

We at Seven Senders often recommend using a multi-carrier strategy to tailor your delivery experience to customer requirements. This allows you to diversify the carriers you work with to cover a range of delivery options, offer different services at different price points, like home or express delivery, and satisfy the needs of all your customers. 

The top last mile carries in Spain for parcel delivery

SEUR, part of the DPDgroup, leads the B2C express delivery market in the Iberian Peninsula, handling around 300,000 parcels per day. It operates a vast network of distribution centers strategically located across the country. It offers a complete product range regarding parcel size and works with both B2B and B2C shippers. SEUR caters to online shoppers with their delivery services that allow customers to decide when, where, and with the Predict service, how they receive packages. It offers a standard 24-hour delivery time along with options for next day, or same day and weekend delivery (for Madrid-based customers) and provides both home delivery and out-of-home parcel collection from a network of 1,000 Pickup Points. 

SEUR's customer-centric delivery services and fast lead times have made it a preferred choice for e-commerce shippers.

Celeritas, founded in 2006, is a leading carrier in Iberia, with a strong reputation for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The main delivery services Celeritas offers are home delivery and a network of more than 4,500 collection points, including locations in the Canary Islands. The company's extensive network of distribution centers ensures that packages are picked up and delivered on time, regardless of the size or destination. 

For cross-border shippers to Spain who have heavy or bigger shipments, Celeritas could be a good option.

Correos, Spain's national postal service, is a critical player in the parcel delivery industry in Iberia. Correos has built a strong reputation for its reliable and efficient delivery services and is the most commonly offered delivery service provider among online stores in Spain. Correos operates an extensive distribution network across the country, ensuring that parcels are delivered to every corner of the country. It operates a network of over 8,000 Citypaq smart locker PUDO points for parcel delivery or return.

Correos can be a cost-effective and reliable option for cross-border shippers whose customers prefer PUDO deliveries.

DHL is one of the leading international carriers in Spain. It offers both standard and express shipping options as well as several delivery options for parcel collection. It also offers flexible home delivery options and an extensive network of DHL ServicePoints for picking up parcels or dropping off returns. Shippers can also benefit from their fast and reliable return services. 

For B2B shippers, DHL can be a good choice for parcel delivery in Spain as it offers specialized solutions and caters to specific sectors such as electronics, editorial, fashion, and pharma.

Shipping to Spain with Seven Senders

Seven Senders can help you succeed in the Spanish market with our one-stop solution delivery platform. We ensure you work with the right last-mile carriers in Spain so you can create a delivery experience tailored to your target customers. With our physical shipping and delivery services, you get everything you need from one platform, all via one single API connection.   

Want to find out how we can optimize your logistics? Get in touch!

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