The top parcel delivery partners in Switzerland for online retailers

February 19, 2024
The top parcel delivery partners in Switzerland for online retailers

Switzerland has much to offer e-commerce retailers: strong purchasing power and a multilingual, tech-savvy consumer base with a disposable income well above the European average. But to tap into this market, you need local shipping expertise and an understanding of the Swiss parcel delivery landscape so you can choose the right last mile carrier for your online shop.

8.6 million inhabitants with high purchasing power: Switzerland is an exciting market for international e-commerce. In addition, since January 2024, the Swiss have abolished import duties on industrial goods. The VAT rate of 8.1 percent is significantly lower than the tax rates in other countries.

Choosing the best last mile carrier for your Swiss customers

When choosing which parcel delivery companies to partner with for your Swiss cross-border deliveries, shippers need to consider several factors such as costs, delivery lead times, and services provided. Oftentimes, developing a multi-carrier strategy is the best way for online retailers to meet their budget requirements while offering their target customers the delivery options they expect. For example, some carriers offer more affordable home delivery while others have a more extensive network of PUDO locations.

Check out our Swiss cross-border shipping guide for more details on how to best set up your logistics operations for success.

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The top Swiss carriers for e-commerce shippers

Swiss Post
In 2022, Swiss Post Ltd transported around 194 million parcels. With the most extensive distribution network in Switzerland, it is regarded as the local market leader regarding customer satisfaction and convenience. Swiss Post is also a first choice of leading e-commerce companies. In addition to home delivery, the company offers a PUDO network comprising 2,797 post offices, parcel shops, and parcel lockers.

DPD Switzerland
DPD Switzerland is also well-established and is the second-largest carrier in the country. The provider offers a wide range of next-day delivery options from mailbox to bulky parcels by a flexible time and date. The price for next-day delivery is similar to Swiss Post's Priority offer and is an attractive, cost-effective alternative. Besides home delivery, customers can choose an out-of-home option for delivery or return from one of the 400 DPD Pickup parcel shop locations.

DHL is known for its clear focus on international cross-border business and is the leading express carrier in Switzerland. Services are also available nationally – including express service features and express pricing.

Although Quickpac is smaller and younger than the aforementioned providers, it is also Switzerland's fastest-growing parcel service provider. The company was founded in 2019 as a parcel delivery division of Quickmail AG, Switzerland's only private mail service provider. Quickpac is the first parcel service in Europe to use electric cars throughout the country and operates the largest 100% electric car fleet in Switzerland. Evening delivery, same-day delivery, and seamless shipment tracking are the hallmarks of Quickpac.

 Shipping to Switzerland with Seven Senders

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