Carrier mix on the last mile: How to achieve sales increase in Europe

February 6, 2020
Carrier mix on the last mile: How to achieve sales increase in Europe

A successful shipping experience is a decisive reason for your customers to commit to your shop. The right carrier strategy not only brings your package to its destination, but also your business to new growth.

The last mile holds great challenges

If you want to establish yourself in cross-border trade, you should offer an all-round excellent customer journey. Pay special attention to the delivery of the goods  –  also or especially because there are numerous challenges at this point.

These include:

  • scarce delivery capacities

  • lack of personnel

  • outdated processes

Many of the major delivery services are unable to meet the ever-increasing demands, such as growing parcel volumes, requests for pick-up and drop-off options, and time-definite delivery. However, since performance on the last mile is a decisive criterion for successful and profitable internationalization, retailers must invest in this area and develop innovative strategies.

Seven Senders has a network of 100 best carriers.

New ways to the customer – especially on the last mile

Since only a few CEP (courier, express, parcel service) providers have their own international logistics network, bundling local delivery services is the only way to meet the increasing customer demands in terms of delivery method, location and time. With the help of a multi-carrier strategy, shops can combine the strengths of different delivery companies and optimise the last mile.

For successful country-specific delivery, merchants must determine carrier service offerings and performance, and work with the most appropriate carriers in terms of package size and weight. It’s the combination of the right partners on the last mile that makes the difference. This gives merchants a market advantage that they must use to be able to act quickly and flexibly on the ground –  in line with customer needs.

Meeting local needs to the letter

It is important that delivery services meet local needs to the letter. These include pick-up and drop-off (PUDO), express shipping and time slot delivery. The topic of sustainability is also becoming increasingly interesting for customers, and the CO2 balance can of course also be reduced when it comes to shipping.

Shop operators can use sustainable delivery as a competitive advantage and make targeted use of shippers who deliver by bicycle courier or electric vehicles, for example.

The best shipping solution for each of your packages

It is almost impossible for a retailer to get an overview of pan-European delivery services and their  offerings, and to keep up to date with the dynamics and the constantly new players. Customer requirements just like carriers are subject to constant change.

Seven Senders has the expertise to provide the right shipping solution in terms of cost, speed and delivery options for each of your parcels and each individual target market. The delivery platform draws on a Europe-wide carrier network of more than a hundred providers.

From choosing the right carrier to tracking and smooth returns  –  at Seven Senders you get all logistics services from one source. Please contact us!

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