Foodspring: Success with efficient logistics processes in peak times

January 6, 2021
Foodspring: Success with efficient logistics processes in peak times

"You are what you eat." The Corona pandemic has caused many to rethink their eating habits: Less meat or candy, more home-cooked, quality ingredients.

The Kantar market research institute has found out that people are currently thinking much more about healthy eating. Around a quarter of those surveyed are more likely to be in the kitchen than before the outbreak of the coronavirus. Healthy foods and food supplements are very popular.

Since 2016, foodspring has been working together with the delivery experts and consultants of Seven Senders to continuously improve the delivery and customer experience in this flourishing area - on normal days and at peak times.

The fitness food retailer uses Seven Senders' carrier network for shipping to various European countries as well as monitoring and tracking support. In order to relieve the customer service at weddings, this customisable solution allows the retailer to set special notifications in case of bottlenecks or to update tracking pages according to new events.

foodspring offers sports nutrition for body and soul

Anyone who wants to build-up their muscles or supply their body with a portion of protein after exercise has certainly already come across "Whey Protein" in drugstores or on the net. A bestseller from foodspring and already sold over 350,000 times.

The beginnings of the provider foodspring go back to the year 2013 when Tobias Schüle and Philipp Schrempp founded the company A lot has happened since then: Today foodspring is one of the fastest growing food start-ups in Germany and is already represented in 13 countries. Besides the DACH region, the core markets include Italy, France and Spain.

However, little has changed in terms of mission and business idea. foodspring wants to continue to launch the healthiest possible sports food on the market in 2020, which "strengthens the mind and body", but at the same time also offers high-quality ingredients.


In addition to whey protein, snacks and bars, the product range includes dietary supplements, baking mixes, muesli and porridge as well as various drinks. On its website foodspring also offers fitness and nutrition plans as well as recipes for a healthy lifestyle.

Seven Senders central contact for Europe-wide shipping

The company also wants to be healthy and balanced in terms of logistics. When foodspring was looking for a partner for customs clearance in Switzerland in 2016, initial talks were held with Seven Senders. "First of all it was a huge bottomless pit and they thought: Oh my goodness!''.

But Seven Senders has experienced partners and experts in the region. That convinced us, so that we started the cooperation with the dispatch to Switzerland", reports Sophia Albrecht, Operations Manager at foodspring. She adds: "Today Seven Senders is our central contact for Europe-wide shipping.

With the services of Seven Senders, we are able to transfer the quality standards we have for our products to shipping and customer communication". In the different countries foodspring works together with different carriers: In Spain this is SEUR, in Switzerland Post CH and in France Mondial Relay for delivery to pick-up points and Colissimo for normal parcel delivery.

In Italy, foodspring has opted for Bartolini, while in the Benelux countries and Great Britain it is currently looking for a new carrier in collaboration with Seven Senders to optimize shipping.

Carrier network Seven Senders         With Seven Senders' carrier network you get access to all local carriers in Europe.

Proactive analysis helps to mitigate difficulties before customer service has to intervene

In addition to logistics support - Seven Senders picks up the parcels at the German warehouse and then hands them over to the respective carriers in the destination country - foodspring relies on the company's extensive analysis support, including tracking, analytics dashboard, notifications and claim center.

Example Tracking: This tool can be integrated into the respective customer account, so that the customer can always track their shipment promptly or access the DHL tracking page. The analytics dashboard in the Seven Senders service can also be individually configured:

Should the past 14 days and delayed packages be displayed? Or would the user like to see how many shipments have not yet undergone a first-hub scan? A look at the previous week, for example, can show that 100 parcels or even an entire pallet has not yet had a first-hub scan, which could mean that the wrong shipment was loaded.

Even before customers contact Customer Service and ask about their late order, foodspring can proactively intervene, contact Seven Senders and let Customer Service know. Such an approach has a positive impact on important KPIs such as Average Shipping Time.

Significantly faster processing of customer requests

A further service of Seven Senders are notifications, which can also be designed in the foodspring design and are controlled by the Seven Senders portal. Depending on the country, the system sends automatic notifications to customers per carrier and per country, for example:

"Your parcel has now arrived in Spain, in one or two days you will receive your parcel". In this way the company ensures seamless communication and improves contact


At the same time, the shop and shipment tracking can be integrated - further aspects to optimize conversion and customer contact as well as to relieve customer service. The same applies to the Claim Center tool, which also runs via the customer portal.

Here, customers have the opportunity to complain about lost or damaged goods. Whereas the processing of such a request - ticket - took up to 20 minutes before the Claim Center was introduced, today it can be completed within three to five minutes, saving foodspring's customer service a lot of time.

Learning from the data of past peaks

How well a system works can often be seen in stressful and labour-intensive times. For foodspring, such a peak means three to four times the amount of orders: in January, when customers want to realize their good intentions, in April, when they work on their bikini figure and then again after the summer holidays.

Previous peak times serve as learning for the next peak. With the help of Seven Senders' analytics service, foodspring was able to improve the monitoring of order transmissions and shipments, for example, and to revise customer service and communication strategies on the basis of concrete data in order to reduce the workload of customer service staff.

"This year we were just in the final stages of the first peak when the corona wave started. April was then the month with the most orders so far, which we had to handle without much preparation," reports Sophia Albrecht.

She explains: "The good thing is that foodspring had already prepared for the January peak in December, so the communication strategies were already in place. One challenge, however, was that the last-mile carriers were working at their capacity limits, resulting in delivery delays".

But with the help of Seven Senders, foodspring was able to react quickly: By adjusting the wording on the tracking page, customers can see directly what the problem of their late order might be. Example: "At the moment, XY may experience delays due to the current situation. We ask for your understanding."

All carrier information clearly bundled

Those who work with many different contact partners in extreme situations such as the corona crisis have to cope with an immense amount of additional work. "With Seven Senders, however, we have a central contact partner that bundles carriers and countries. That takes a lot of work off our hands.

Added to this is a single, clearly laid out dashboard with all the important information on the carriers. If there are problems in the network, we can find an alternative together. And by monitoring shipments, problems can be analyzed quickly and easily. All of this helps a lot, especially in peak times," summarizes Albrecht.

The notifications as a means of communication for customer service are also an advantage: "In the past weeks, foodspring had more than triple the ticket volume, which led to backlogs in the warehouse and also at the carrier. However, since customers were notified immediately, customer satisfaction could still be maintained at a level of 92 percent.

Based on the experiences of the past weeks, Albrecht particularly appreciates the cooperation with Seven Senders: "We are very happy about the flexibility we have built up and will continue to build on with our warehouses and the choice of different carriers. foodspring has grown and expanded together with Seven Senders. It is also important that we have been able to continuously increase conversion and customer satisfaction.

With the analytics services we always have the entire shipping process in view, are flexible and can proactively respond to changes". Her assumption: In the coming months, many people will continue to do a lot of sports at home and order products from foodspring: "Together with Seven Senders, we are optimally positioned in this respect.


About foodspring

foodspring is one of the leading and fastest growing premium brands for functional foods. As a pioneer of targeted nutrition for everyone, foodspring offers foods that are the key to a fitter, happier and more productive life: for a stronger body, increased mental performance and a more balanced life. High quality ingredients, good taste and convenience go hand in hand with foodspring's customer-oriented philosophy. The range consists of proteins, snacks and bars, dietary supplements, baking mixes, muesli and porridge as well as a range of beverages. On its website foodspring offers fitness and nutrition plans as well as recipes for a healthy lifestyle. The Berlin company was founded in 2013 by Tobias Schüle and Philipp Schrempp with their investor ECONA AG. Today foodspring has an international team of 130 employees, is represented in six European countries and delivers its premium products to eight other countries.

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