Don’t lose (parcel) control and act fast in COVID-19 times

April 16, 2020
Don’t lose (parcel) control and act fast in COVID-19 times

We are all facing never seen challenges in our businesses these days. Nevertheless, we from Seven Senders stay calm and try to help everyone with expertise and solutions. Our customers receive tips and hints regularly but we wanted to open about what we are experiencing for the benefit of the entire community.

If you ship parcels across Europe, here are some simple, hands-on tips:

“Stay informed – know the right sources.”
Thomas Hagemann, Co-Founder & MD Seven Senders

  • The current parcel delivery situation due to COVID-19:
    Web updates on parcel carriers and challenges per country can be found via the 7S COVID help site. Our parcel team is working hard every day to update and summarize the situation in Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. We give you insights on the top carriers and show things like blacklisted zip codes for delivery. For sure it is hard to give a guarantee but the information should always be the latest to have as we stay in personal contact with the carriers listed.

  • An update on cross-border EU road freight traffic: We recommend using Sixfold’s COVID tracker to stay updated on traffic (jams) at EU borders.

“Take over control and act fast, very fast!”
Thomas Hagemann, Co-Founder & MD Seven Senders

  • There are dozens of carriers in the EU – find the gap: There are >50 prime carriers in EU’s major eCommerce markets. Some are “state-owned”, some are privately owned, some are hit hard by COVID-19, some not. Some charge COVID surcharges on short notice, some not. Reasons vary. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE, NOT YOUR PROBLEM.
    Going through the 7S COVID help site you will see that carriers are affected differently in each country however at least one carrier performs sufficiently in a way that eCommerce delivery can be executed at a good performance level in each country.


“If you ship >100 parcels/day to one EU country – contact us, we will try to help.”
Thomas Hagemann, Co-Founder & MD Seven Senders

  • A carrier switch can be a short-term game changer: If your current parcel carrier cannot ensure deliveries to a certain country or only performs in some regions you should question your setup. If you ship >100 parcels/day to one EU country and need help to switch your carrier fast with low implementation effort (on an interims basis or as a long-term solution from now) contact us via

“Take back control – communication is everything has never been more true.”
Thomas Hagemann, Co-Founder & MD Seven Senders

  • Bring customer communication under your control: We all know the challenges that occur if communication of a third party interferes in your very personal Shop-to-Customer communication. Letting your customers leave to carrier websites can be a) dangerous for you as a shipper as you cannot control what is being communicated and b) it can bring massive confusion in your customer service processes and information policy during COVID-19 times.

    Therefore we recommend using tools available in the market or talking to your internal IT division about how to optimise your customer communication across various digital channels for the time being. Here is a best practice example which we recommend inserting into your tracking page or in your standard email communication when delays are to be expected (see picture below). If you need help do no hesitate to contact us.


We from Seven Senders hope that all of you stay safe and healthy. Contact us here!


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